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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 10, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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to do. we'll have the best presidential coverage anywhere on the website. thanks for watching, i'm bill o'reilly. remember the spin stops right here. because we are definitely because we are definitely looking out for closed captioning by closed captioning services, inc. >> sean: who is to blame for america's crumbling economy? president obama is pointing the finger at everyone except himself. >> obamamania media stems to be turning on the anointed one. >> seems there are a couple of steps missed. >> karl rove answers the big questions are the president's reelection hopes slipping away? >> desperate democrats focus on the tea party movement. senator rand paul is here with reactions to the left's new strategy.
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>> plus, mark steyn unveils his new book. we are on the road to 2012. hannity starts right here, right now. >> whether it is the downgrading of america's credit rating, slumping stock market, jobs, gas price, oil spills, hurricanes. president obama has solidified his place in history as the finger-pointer in chief. he was at it again yesterday that was not the first time he passed the buck since taking office. let's look at who the president has been blaming over the last 2 1/2 years for all of the problems we face as a country. >> the president: it is not a lack of plans or policy that is the problem. insistence on drawing lines in the sand. refuseal to put what is best for the country ahead of self-interest or party. after they drove the car into the ditch, made it as difficult as possible for us to pull it back. now they want the keys back. >> if everybody turned off cnn,
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your fox, just turn off the tv. >> what got us into this mess initially, were banks taking exorbitant wild risks. we should ask oil companies and corporate jet owners to give up tax breaks that others don't get. ask hedge fund managers to stop paying taxes that are lower in terms of rates than their secretaries. we started with this mess. i inherited the 1.3 trillion dollar deficit. >> sean: sadly that could have gone on all night. here with reaction to the tired old tactic, charles gasparino and dana perino who you can catch right here at 5 eastern on the five this is not a joke any more. he blames big oil companies, big gas companies. he blames japan's earthquake.
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arab spring. it goes on and on. everybody but himself. by the way, your boss. >> that's the perennial favorite. that's one of the ways that he and mccain ran against president bush. it got tired in may of 2008. yet they still continue to use it. they cannot help themselves. if you take those difference things. it might be true that they've been contributing. but, the one thing they are not willing to do at the white house is to say, i guess our policies were wrong. the right thing is to move forward. instead, they go to class warfare, divisional warfare. they miss a big political opportunity to bring people together. >> sean: i called him for a long time president crybaby. >> the markets don't lie. when you talk to sophisticated investors about this president, his economic policies. some of the first things they say is he's blaming everybody
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and not developing a plan. the biggest joke was the tea party. wall street guys are not right wing tea party activists. when they heard the initial response coming from the democrats the talking points probably a minute after last friday's downgrade how this is a tea party downgrade. that put a lot of uncertainty into the market. a lot of investors told me they are blaming everybody but themselves. they are not coming up with a plan. i watched the president's speech. the day the markets tanked. it was amazing, as soon as he started about tax increases and all this sort of old solutions that he proposed in the past, the markets went down significantly. >> sean: it was the same talking points. we had recovery summer last summer. we didn't recover. he said when he was running he would cut the deficit in half. unemployment wouldn't go above 8%.
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let's go to tax cheat geithner, saying never going to happen. we are never going to lose our aaa rating. >> is there a risk that the united states could lose its aaa credit rating, yes or no? >> no risk of that. >> so standard & poor's is wrong the united states will keep its aaa credit rating? >> absolutely. >> it is surprising to me that people in politics especially talking about the markets that you can control speak in absolutisms. you can't control that. today the market went up jt announcement from the fed they are going to keep interest rates at 0% for the next few years. >> sean: we are following the path of japan. >> what is interesting about geithner, the guy out there and put fear into the markets saying we might default on our bonds if we didn't raise the debt ceiling. that's a lie. he was telling the banks don't
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worry i'm just saying that in public that's our public position. no way they were going to default. he and the president said it a dozen times think that heard. this statement, what control does he have over standard & poor's? >> sean: that's the other thing. now they want to investigate. i would use the word intimidate standard & poor's and moody's. they've been lobbying them for a long longtime. these agencies were clear, they were going to do this standard & poor's said within 90 days. they did it. now the question becomes politically, this seems to be the tipping point. reading in the politico, kill romney. they can't run on their record so they have to run probably the most aggressive political campaign we've ever seen in terms of being negative. >> chickens have come home to roost in america. >> sean: where did we hear that before? >> i was in wyoming last week.
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all hat and no cattle. i could go on all night. the presidential candidates have a tough job ahead. if you are going to be a sincere, serious candidate, over the next year, you have to be willing to talk about the problem that is our entitlement spending. we have promised too much to too many and we have too few workers workers working too many years. >> the president is often at his worst when he talks about the economy. if you are going to look at one issue you know will be front and center next year, you know the fed said it today when it released its position on interest rates. we are either going to be in a double dip recession or something close. >> sean: isn't it likely we are there now? >> 50-50 we are heading there. obamanomics hasn't worked. if the stimulus worked, revenues would have came into the treasury, we wouldn't have been downgraded.
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>> some people think that stimulus wasn't big enough. that there should have been a trillion more. >> that great economist bob beckel. >> sean: where are those shovel-ready jobs from the first time? >> let's say you believe in keynesian stimulus. think of the way the obama administration handed out that money. they just gave it to the stays. the states kept their work horses fat and happy and gave pension ben at this times to people. i was a poorly administered stimulus. >> sean: what we've seen in great britain, greece, if we don't shift course this is coming here. we get into that later. guys good to see you. >> did the president throw away his chance for reelection over the past four weeks? liberals are fuming over his performance. karl rove is next with reaction. >> al gore goes on a profanity-laced rant against
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>> sean: from the anointed one's invisible leadership in
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the debt negotiations to his blame on the credit downgrade the move from one disaster to another over the past month. judging by the criticism his chances of reelection could be in jeopardy. at the "washington post" liberal dana milbank writes: >> sean: "wall street journal" has an explanation for the lack of leadership: >> sean: it is a water shed moment when chris matthews fed up with the president's antics. >> seems like a couple steps
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missed. when he went to the tea party crowd pushing boehner around all day, he could have say we have differences of opinion. here's my plan damn it! i think we can cuts the world will recognize. i want spending cuts in here also revenue from the rich. here's my spending cuts. i'm sticking my neck out boys and girls. here are the cuts. i want to go after medicare. put means testing in have co-pays in here. i'm going to stick my neck out. i want you guys to do your part and tax the freaking rich. >> sean: joining me author of courage and consequence karl rove is here. welcome back, sir. >> thank you sir. >> sean: it seems to me that sometimes there's this tipping point. moment in history, events happen. i gotta tell you, i think this downgrade, along with the debt negotiations, between the two of them.
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really shows the damage economically that this president and his policies and the democrats have done. am i seeing this right, objectively or am i just a conservative ideology -- i'd log? >> i think the debt negotiations and downgrade and the president's involvement in the former and response to thejó latter show first, the president at times arrogant and disconnected. second, that he is somebody who while he can say the words can't do the words. he can talk about the need to have a plan. then not produce a plan. finally, they show these policies the 2 1/2 nearly three year experiment we could spend to prosperity has come to a dead and screeching halt. the president is unable to deal with that.  a result he's stripped away over the last seven, eight months in particular, a lot of
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the image that he had as a strong leader. that's the most precious asset a president has. if we see a strong leader it gives confidence. even if we don't necessarily an with him on everything it gives willingness to say maybe he knows better than i do and i'm willing to follow him. how the president has handled himself, particularly in the last 10 days, if he is defeated, we'll look back and say this was the moment where things got locked in. >> sean: i think this is very deep and profound. this debt rating is the first time this has happened since 1917. and we start keeping these records here. beyond that is that he is the symbol of that decline. he's the symbol of real unemployment at 18%. he's the symbol of quadrupling our debt and deficit and reckless spending and irresponsible policies and broken promises. we've got this petulant crybaby side of him where he
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casts blame. >> this is out of today, i checked before i came here. this is the president's approval on the economy. it is now 35% approve. 57% disapprove. that's a 22 point gap. i would suspect it is going to get worse in the next couple of days as more recent polls replace earlier polls. i suspect this number is going to drop a couple points and this number will go up a couple of points. to have that big a gap with all the economists, federal reserve said subpar economic growth, anemic recovery, unlikely to change over the next two years jobless picture likely to remain where. that means these numbers are not going to improve dramatically. and the president is stuck with them. >> sean: let's talk about 2012 and how this impacts 2012. here it is politico, kill romney that's the headline on this, quoting a democratic
12:18 am
strategist. the president can't run on his record. the only thing they going to do is try and damage him and hurt him. it is a different message from the hopey changey thing that we were getting during the campaign. >> for weeks, months it has been apparent with these lousy economic numbers the only way the president and his people see a path to victory is radiate the republican nominee whether it is romney or you name it and turn them into disqualify them in the views of the american people this comes from the president who denounced this kind of campaign in a fashion think that heard in 2008. because he kept saying he was going to get rid of karl rove style politics. look, this is exactly what they are going to do. it is the only way they can win. i hate to say it, conceivably, if we have a weak candidate with a weak response to this kind of thing, they could conceivably win. >> sean: but it reinforces
12:19 am
everything that i saw and some of us conservatives saw looking into his background before the election. he's a rigid ideologue, can turn on a dime. i'll give you an example of the tone-deafness. the president is still planning his weeklong vacation in martha's vineyard. his wife took a secret vacation to oregon. the rest of us struggling to make ends meet. he doesn't seem to have a plan to get us out of this, except more of the same. more qe3. it seems like he doesn't get it. >> he didn't. he's run out of ideas, because the liberal ideas he has pursued over the last 2 1/2 years haven't worked. you are right, unlike clinton he can't say something didn't work and i need to be more pragmatic and move to the center and do something different. this -- that speech monday was
12:20 am
pathetic. do we have to look at him one more time giving a speech to a room based on class warfare, we are sick and tired. the infrastructure bank, please. >> sean: karl rove, thanks for being with us. >> democrats are on the same page when it comes to the u.s. debt disaster. who is to blame for the downgrade? senator rand paul is here to defend the tea party against empty accusations. >> still to come, al gore unhinged blasting climate change critics for daring question his beloved cause. our great, great american panel, reacts.
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>> sean: lately it seems like the democratic party's talking points stuck on repeat. the same tune blame the tea party for the downgrade, fiscal failures. don't blame us, nope, blame the tea party. >> i believe this is without question, the tea party downgrade. this is the tea party downgrade, because a minority
12:25 am
of people in the house of representatives countered even the will of many republicans in the united states senate. >> the fact of the matter is, this is essentially a tea party downgrade. the tea party brought us to the brink of a default. it is something that should never have happened. that clearly is on the backs of those who were willing to see the country default many those strident voices in the tea party. >> i agree with david. i think a tea party problem. they are totally unreasonable. not founded in reality. i think they've been smoking some of that tea, not just drinking it. >> sean: of course the leaders on the left would never dream of taking responsible for their role. even their excuses are getting stale. joining me rand paul. the president blames everybody, everything. if the tea party budget was adopted senator, correct me where i'm wrong, their watered down version, cut, cap and
12:26 am
balance, they would have prefered deeper cuts that would have met the standard that moody's and s&p said was necessary to an individual this moment from happening. >> it would be funny if it weren't so tragic. blaming the tea party is like blaming the fireman when he comes to put out the fire. a lot of us were elected to put out the fire, handle the debt. that's why we went to washington. that's why we ran for office. now they are going to blame the debt on us, when we came to try to fix the mess. it is ludicrous on the face of it. i think it is an example of the failure of leadership that he will not accept responsibility. i think we are getting to the point where he's going to have a failed presidency. >> sean: i hate to tell you this, the presidency has already failed. his economic promises are broke as karl rove was saying he's run out of ideas. he got the budgets he wanted.
12:27 am
he had both houses of congress. he got the stimulus, the health care this was his economy, his record debt, four times worst than president bush had. now he's blaming arab spring, japanese earthquake, wall street and when all else fails, blame bush. >> the other thing about it, the tea party is a minority of the minority party. we are not in leadership. we don't control either house. we don't control the vote. the problem they were having passing something in the house they didn't have democrats voting for it. it was the president's own party that gave him trouble in the senate when the president's budget was produced every democrat voted against it. this is a guy, really the economy is in death throes now and he can't accept any blame or responsible for it. i'm going to introduce legislation, tomorrow that will call for the resignation of timothy geithner. a vote of no confidence. and i think his only chance to
12:28 am
turn his presidency around is to get somebody to replace geithner. >> sean: can you add bernanke to the list? i wish they had a no confidence system. we don't. i'm looking at what is going on in london right now. and the rioting takes place. the rioting is taking place in large part because austerity measures -- their country is going bankrupt, we should be learning from their mistakes, we are not. people are blaming conservatives, the government. they are blaming rich people that it is their fault. they got 16,000 police officers in london to handle in. i'm thinking this sounds like, you know america 10, 12, 15, 20 years down the road. once those promises can never be fulfilled, is this coming to america? >> what i would say is, the way we avoid chaos, avoid rioting in the streets is to
12:29 am
start gradually fixing the problems. entitlements are broken. there's less young people and we are living longer. you can fix those problems by raising the age and changing the way we do the entitlements. if you wait five years or 10 years, then there is going to be an abrupt end that is what is happening in europe when you have these austere measures when people don't get their checks that's when there is rioting in the streets. you avoid that by fixing it now. >> sean: half the country doesn't pay taxes, 15% of the country is on food stamps. the chairman of s&p actually said, they've upgraded, after a downgrade, five countries. the average length of time that takes between 9 and 18 years. we are not going to be upgraded any time soon. in spite of congressional senate investigation that is not going to happen. >> let me interject. the thing i would say is that
12:30 am
the stock market has given a vote of no confidence to this president. we are not england so we can't remove him that way same with geithner. it is a vote of no confidence the stock market is down nearly 2,000 points. it says everything they are doing is not working. employment has gotten worse. gas prices have doubled. the economy is growing at a very anemic pace. we are not going to get out of this until we get a business-friendly administration. >> sean: is there any movement towards the mack-penny plan? free spending -- freeze spending at this year's level, cut 1% a year for six years this the moment where that can take hold and people say we can live within our means like the average american family? >> absolutely. everywhere i go i'm talking the penny plan. i've been traveling around kentucky yesterday and today. people are coming up saying they love the simplicity of it. they love how it points out
12:31 am
that washington spending is growing. and everyone else is only talking about reducing the rate of growth. whereas, the penny plan would cut spending in real terms by 1% a year. would it work and balance the budget over an eight year period. >> sean: if we can get enough people onboard, we could save the country from what is happening in london, greece and europe. that could happen. senator, any way i can help, let me know. that's an important bill. i think it would help the country. >> thank you, sean. >> sean: next, our tkpwhefbgts says the united states is making it -- our next guest says the united states is making itself dispense able. mark steyn next. >> al gore loses his cool over global warming skeptics. we'll check in with our great, great american panel, straight ahead. no longer accept able in mixed company, meaning bipartisan company to use
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>> sean: he calls president obama the bystander in chief and outlines in his new book all the reasons america has to stop rampant government spending. mark steyn's book couldn't come at a more appropriate time. joining me the author of the new book "after america, get ready forearm get done." the one and only mark steyn. did you have a -- hard time throwing the football? >> it is all about muscle memory at my age. >> sean: people ask why don't you have a real football? because i've already broken more lights in the studio than anybody i know. >> i'm going to get a cricket ball and get the cricket team in. >> sean: then i'm out of my league. you know, i fear that the american dream, the america i
12:37 am
grew up in, is vanishing before my eyes. i'm not the only one that feels this way. polls back this up. your book goes into this. you talk about greece, rome, falling empires. what are you saying about america right now in its current state? >> i'm saying you are the particular beneficiary of two centuries of a particular kind of inheritance that can be lost before you even know it. people who think that the very unique peace and prosperity, o'that americans have enjoyed in the last dark 50, 60 years is a permanent condition of life is deluded. the downgrade is the beginning. riots in london the next stage in the process. >> sean: maybe 10 years down the road? >> i think it will be quicker than 10 years. we are going to be in serious trouble if we do not roll back in government's spending by mid decade. when these guys come up with
12:38 am
plans for 20-20, we need to act before that. >> sean: you talked about the roman empire how they stopped inventing, creating, growing. it is not that america loer invents but we are determined to -- disinvent everything our great grandparents createdded to enable the self-indulgent lives we take for granted. >> you look at the lightbulb. when edison invented the lightbulb, man conquered night. there was no point staying up until 2 in the morning before, you couldn't do anything. the internal combustion engine concorded distance. what have we done lately? we get excited because we have a smaller ipod for downloading justin bieber. it is not enough. >> sean: spoiled,
12:39 am
self-indulgent lost that hard work ethic. i see it a real lot. nobody wants to to work as hard. my parents and grandparents they did have any option. there was no safety net. they didn't have family money to fall back on. in idea that we don't need to work in the fields 12 hours a day or whatever. the problem with america, and much of the western world we voted ourselves a lifestyle we are not willing to pay for. we are burdening our children and grandchildren. if somebody says i only want to work 20 hours a week, fine. but to say i want to work 20 hours a week and expense it, bill it to my unborn grandchild, that's wicked and immoral. our government class, leading in the campaign to burden our kids. >> sean: you talk about a mediocrity of spirit. you say this is tyranny. >> yeah. >> sean: america is now headed
12:40 am
towards, -- mark levin and his book talks about soft tear in >> i think it is hard tyranny. i think when a kid has a lemonade stand -- i speak as an immigrant here. i chose this country. >> sean: you wrote about this. you said you left this behind. now it is coming here. >> yeah, because i've seen this stuff all over the world and it happens failed. i was on the radio guest hosting for rush last year. a polish guy calls in and said i came to america to escape this stuff. where do i escape to once america is gone? there's no good answer to that question. i think the -- i think he a girl running a lemonade stand is told she needs $300 worth of permits to sell lemonade in her own frontyard. mark is wrong that is not soft tyranny that is pretty damn hard tyranny. >> sean: it is tyranny.
12:41 am
look, we don't have a lot of time here. there's too much to get into. you really -- as you look into your crystal ball, as i read this, alarm bells are going off in my head. what do you conclude? my conclusion is that unless we reverse course in a drastic way, and adopt austerity measures, as greece, great britain, you see the riots in london, unless we do it quickly, we have 50% of the country saying, we have a vetting majority. you even talk about that. >> yeah, -- i think what is interesting, this next election if the imf is correct and china is on course 2016 to become the world's leading economic power. the president we elect, november next year is going to be the last president of the united states to preside over the world's leading economy. that fact should shame every american. and it should shame every american into going into the
12:42 am
voting booths and saying, we want a candidate who is pledged to reverse that and roll that back. >> sean: do you see that candidate? >> well, i would like a candidate, there's good people in the field. i want a candidate who is going to stand up and say, this cabinet department's got to go. this burden rock has to go. this agency -- this burden rock has to go. this isn't going to be a land where we tell a girl with a lemonade stand in 2nd grade she needs $300 worth of permits. that's a negation of american revolution. george iii he may have had the tea party but he didn't go after the 7-year-old girls and impose excise duties selling lemonade in the frontyard. >> sean: extraordinarily well said. the book is terrific. i'm going to give you a second -- no, no, i'm going to give you a second shot. hang on. we have to check in with greta.
12:43 am
>> greta: sean, you will love this. london has a crisis, we have a crisis. they have riots we have economics. prime minister cam comes home from vacation. our president goes on vacation. prime minister cameron calls parliament back to work. our congress sits at home. go figure. i thought you would like that. >> sean: well said. >> greta: we are going to talk about that. the economy is -- so much uncertainty now spreading to the states and overseas. ambassador bolton is here. we have a governor to tell how it is affecting his state. >> sean: greta coming up in 18 short minutes. first you are holding i wrong. just hold it like this. >> all right, okay. >> sean: joe montana showed me this. like this. no, no. our great american%: panel --. [ laughing ] [ male announcer imagine all of your missed opportunities in one place. ♪ the front-row tickets you never bought.
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>> sean: she is a fox news political analyst angela mcglowan is back. he is a democratic strategist joe trippi is here. he is a cbs sports college football analyst one of the best in the business former nfl player that super bowl ring with the 49ers that is now mine. >> that looks good on you. you keep losing weight it is not going to fit. >> sean: i'm done this is awesome. >> they get bigger every year. >> sean: i'm going to hold that for a while. i don't wear jewelry but i might wear this. riots in london. by the way, we have trouble in milwaukee and philadelphia. look at what is happening in london. austerity measures. they get to a point they can't afford things. is this what we see coming in
12:49 am
this country? >> it could pore tend. 10.1% unemployment -- combine that with the catalytic event of someone getting shot that is unarmed that is a volatile mix. i think what complicates more is there is a distinct class system in great britain. with that all those insid area -- [ talking over each other ] >> we are getting to a point now -- >> the bottom line that is sad in america when you have politicians that play the race baiting class warfare in politics and say the republicans are the rich white people trying to hide their money from you and you poor black folks. the end of the day with government programs i say welfare -- [ unintelligible ] >> sean: there was a tape of some of the rioters saying that we are showing rich people. this is what we've been
12:50 am
hearing from the president, people in private jets, rich don't pay their fair share. >> the gap between the rich and the rest of america is definitely separating, bigger. you can have that -- > sean: is that the government's fault? i work probably 18 hours a day. i don't stop working. you work a lot, you work a lot. >> some people have lost their homes and everything. if that separation, regardless of why it is being caused, corporate america, the government, it dent matter, you can't have that separation and then -- [ talking over each other ] >> and then not worry about these kinds of things happening. >> it is about opportunity. i grew up and competing in a zero sum context in the professional football league it is perform, show up everyday. don't care what color you are,
12:51 am
where you are from. he who gets behind in the race must forever remain behind or run faster than the person in front. know your context -- work harder. [ talking over each other ] >> goldman sachs and a bunch of guys running around -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: we should never have bailed these guys out, never. >> there's a bunch of people who lost their homes. >> obama did the auto bailout, so. >> sean: all these people that made tens of millions of dollars. >> there are both parties and on wall street -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: your buddy al gore loses his mind. we'll play that tape. more with our great, great american panel after the break. tomorrow night mitt romney tomorrow night mitt romney willhost: could switching to geo really save you 15% or more
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12:55 am
>> sean: we continue with our great american panel many al gore, global warming, loses it, unhinged, watch this. >> the pseudo scientists who pretend to be scientists to to put out the message this
12:56 am
climate thing is none >> sean: by the way did he learn that from howard dean? >> that is a howard dean moment! >> he adores howard dean in the president -- he endorsed howard dean in the presidential campaign. howard didn't do it like that. >> sean: oh, okay. >> i think that was -- when
12:57 am
people lose everything they lose it. that's what we just saw. when you start to lose that global warming debate like he has, it has been a while back that meeting they had was dressed done by a congressman from louisiana. i remembered that. that sounds like a kid whining. he lost his toys. >> that man could have been our president. >> the point he's making is true -- >> no. >> the thing that is just not the right time is, look we got markets falling apart. everybody is worried about their job. it is going to be hard to move the country now about climate change. >> he couldn't explain his point of view without profanity? >> sean: we went out there on this program and we got al gore flying from tennessee to
12:58 am
san francisco. i caught him on a gulfstream two, just him and his wife. it is like the least -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: he's going to lecture me about my suv. i have a hybrid, by the way. >> you can deal with your carbon footprint. other people can buy carbon -- >> sean: [ talking over each other ] >> everyone that has followed this knows that he was heavily invested in that sector. when that is threatened, the core values start to come out and be exposed. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: i just bought an offset honey, good luck with that. don't you think that's a croc? i get to fly in my jet but i'm
12:59 am
going to buy an indulgence. >> there are people who don't fly in the private jets. >> sean: let